10 Most Common Transmission Problems

  1. Leaking/Low Fluid
  2. Whining, Clunking, and Humming
  3. Lack of Response
  4. Refuses to Go Into Gear
  5. Gears Slipping
  6. Grinding or Shaking
  7. Check Engine Light
  8. Burning Smell
  9. Transmission Noisy in Neutral
  10. Dragging Clutch
  11. Conclusion

It is an obvious fact that repairing or replacement of the transmission may be extremely expensive, time-consuming and stressful. To prevent such troubles it is better to adhere to all recommendations and to follow the instructions. Furthermore, it is important to be aware of the typical problems with transmission to detect them easily and get them repaired as soon as possible. There is a short list of 10 common symptoms of transmission problems with indications what to do.

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10 Common Transmission Problems

Leaking/Low FluidLack of fluids is a common trouble with transmission, long hesitations may cause serious break. Here you can read more…
Whining, Clunking and HummingYour car started to mumble? It becomes obvious that something gone wrong with transmission. Check out the guide.
Lack of ResponseIf you feel the lack of response, you should realize that the situation is becoming quite dangerous. The clutch might be damaged, check your transmission immediately.
Refuses to Go Into GearTroubles with taking a gear? You shouldn’t suffer anymore, checkup the gear box and eliminate the problem.
Gears SlippingOne of the most dangerous symptoms is arising when it becomes impossible to switch the gear. You must be aware of what to do in such case.
Grinding or ShakingIf after engine ignition your car turns into a shaker, you may be sure that your transmission has suffered a lot and it requires the service.
Check Engine LightYour toolbar is actually a tool for communication. You should rather adhere to car’s whims, so rad about it more…
Burning SmellYou can imagine the first feeling while smelling that something has burnt in your car. Don’t be afraid, here you will find the answer.
Transmission Noisy in NeutralNoise from transmission always sounds dangerous, when you here it while being at neutral gear it becomes a crucial trouble which requires proper investigation.
Dragging ClutchFeeling uncertain about the clutch? Don’t even try to do the repair by yourself. The reasons are quite persuasive.

Leaking/Low Fluid

One of the serious common transmission problems. Automatic transmission fluid known as ATF is the major lubricant, cleaner and performs as hydraulic fluid. Lack of ATF causes the crash of the engine. By examining the color and the smell of the transmission fluid you can say whether ATF is applicable. If there is a lack of transmission fluid it is a reason to start searching for a patching a leak. Don’t forget to keep the ATF on the appropriate level, lack of lubricant may kill the transmission.

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Whining, Clunking, and Humming

That sound is very hard to express or somehow describe, the most important that it is a sign that something is working not good at all. The first thing you need is to determine the source of that noise. As a rule, it is all about the transmission, so you shouldn’t throw in the towel and do everything to get the car fixed immediately.

Lack of Response

If you accidentally notice that car can’t go into a gear easily it is probably one of the common transmission problems. There is a moment when the position is changed from park to drive and the car goes into the proper gear. The same process is for automatic transmissions, but there is a small delay while the gear is becoming engaged. With a manual transmission, the lacking response issue may also occur while shifting the gear the engine will burst and the car won’t move as fast as it sounds.

Refuses to Go Into Gear

Once it becomes impossible to shift the gear, you should realize that the common problems are hidden either in transmission or in your computer. Reasons are different: the ATF is not of the required type or shift cables are damaged. If the main cause is the work of the computer, you need to inspect it and then – if you feel something wrong – reset the program.

Gears Slipping

There is nothing more to say how dangerous to drive a car when the transmission may spontaneously shift into the neutral. In a moment you may lose power and get in a car accident easily. Commonly, it is caused by broken gear links, however, it doesn’t mean that you have to try to fix it by yourself. Call the service immediately to solve the common problems.

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Grinding or Shaking

If you realize that the car is shaking while starting, you are likely having troubles with gears. The grinding may start while shifting gears or after shifting if it occurs after it must be a trouble with the clutch. It is one of the serious common transmission problems. In contrast to manual, automatic transmissions may take some time and wiggle into the gear. If the situation is too bad, the shifting may cause more shaking and jarring.

Check Engine Light

Your engine light is the best indicator that may warn if something is going wrong with your car. You should rely on it because numerous sensors and other devices are working in order to prevent the unfortunate occasions in future. Moreover, in contrast to an average driver, such system can find the problem much earlier, which means that you can save some time and money. After the appearing of such kind of a message on the board, you should take your car to the service immediately.

Burning Smell

Burning smell occurs when the transmission gets overheated. ATF is not only a lubricant but plays a role in a cooler preventing a part from damaging. If there is not enough fluid, all system turns hot, under the high temperature components are wearing out. In such a way, transmission is actually killing itself, it leads to the complete break. The only solution to solve these common problems is to keep the ATF level up to the standard and to inspect the car regularly.

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Transmission Noisy in Neutral

Don’t be afraid of bumping sound in a neutral position, the solution is cheap and obvious – you should add some fluid or change it. Of course, the sound symptom may be similar to others mentioned above and the solution might not help. Then you need a help of professionals, they will examine the transmission and replace either bearings or worn gear teeth or even reverse idler gear.

Dragging Clutch

A dragging clutch occurs when the clutch disk cannot disengage while we are pressing the clutch pedal. In that moment clutch is spinning and the transmission is trying to change gears. Exactly this trying of shifting you hear when such a problem arises. The common reason is a slack in the pedal, that is why clutch disk cannot be removed from the flywheel.


The best way to dodge such common problems is to love your car and to maintain it properly. If you have the minor anticipation don’t waste precious time and refer to the service station. These pieces of advice may be used only to broadening your knowledge and make you understand simple rules of handling transmission.

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