Ford F150 Transmission Problems & Overview

Ford F150 Transmission Overview

The Ford F150 model was introduced in 1975 as an addition to the existing F100 and F250 to match all the emission standards. Since the introducing the F150 model made almost 70% of the all F-Series car sales.

In this article you will get to know the most wide-spread troubles and possible ways of solving F150 transmission problems.

Ford F150 Transmission Recalls and Problems

2011-2012 The reverse Gear Engagement with/or Lightning issues (recall #12V190000)

A Ford Company had no other way but to recall almost 11 thousand vehicles of 2011-2012 Ford F150 to fix the problems with a Transmission Range Sensor or so-called TRS. Some call this a neutral safety switch, this computer controls the transmission shifting lever and informs the Power Control Module what gear have you switched. That was not working in those 11 thousand “happy” Ford F150 cars, the computer was not working properly on the reverse gear.

If you are an owner of such Ford F150 you can come across with two transmission problems. One of the problems is that transmission range sensor doesn’t know that you have shifted the reverse. It doesn’t inform the PCM to enable reverse, so you may go nowhere being confused. Another one of F150 transmission problems may occur when TRS shows the PCM that you are going to go back and shift into the reverse, however, the PCM can forget to inform the Central Computer to activate backlights and the little sign “R” light on the dash.

So if such situation happens, you can move back, but nobody can see your reverse lights. That can cause a serious road accident, so don’t wait if you have the same transmission problems.

2012 F-150 Shifter may be moved out of park without pressing the Brake Pedal (recall # 11V582000)

In that year the Ford Company had to recall 16,091 vehicles of the 2011 Ford F150 to fix the brake shift switch. If there are the problems with shifter interlock switch, the shifter can allow the car to get in a road accident or harm the pedestrians on the road. It is obvious that such thing must be repaired immediately.

In 2011 the dealership took measures and recalled Ford F150 that has transmission problems, they have replaced the brake interlock shift and gave the warranty. So if you have the same problems with your Ford F150, just call the Customs Service (11C21) and make sure if everything ok and whether your car needs the examination.

There are top three transmission problems about Ford F150:

  • Engine clattering on the low RPM (the most expensive to repair failure, solves commonly with engine replacement)
  • Engine knocking (valued as a severe problem, the average repair cost is 3,500$)
  • Windows don’t roll up

Another list of Ford F150 transmission problems is introduced on the

Problems with catalytic convertersCatalytic converters can die and hurt the engine, its efficiency, and performance.
Spark plugs may be difficult to removeThere is a recommended procedure issued by the Ford company how to remove spark plugs, search and get all the details.
Ignition coil failuresOwners may face the problem indicated by the Check Engine light, that means that all coils and sparkling plugs need to be replaced.
Engine oil leak from light head gasketTo solve you need to update the head gasket. Easy solution.
Noise from turningThis problem can be eliminated by using an updated differential clutch kit.
EGR sensor stickingThis problem was described previously in this article.

So, be aware of possible Ford F150 transmission problems and take measures as soon as possible. Join the community and make your problems public, it may have some sense if you want to save time and money.