Ford Focus Transmission Problems and Recall

Ford Focus Transmission Problems, Overview and Recall

The 2000th came and the Ford Company has decided to refresh the market by replacing the Ford Escort with an entirely new offering from Europe. Dubbed Focus was on sale since 1998 on the rest of the world, in a short period it became a star.

The company was so good that the main features were preserved and made the second generation of 2004-2010 extremely popular. The 3rd generation arose in 2010 and was estimated as a global model, so this one was sold all over the world in all markets.

But there are some failures and it is proved with recall and some common troubles issued by owners. In this article you will get to know some more information about the most widespread problems, Ford Focus recall and basic solutions introduced by the dealer and the community. Here is a statistic of the years for Ford Focus with biggest problems. Failures of these problems are described in this article later.

Ford Focus Recall

Recall ID – NHTSA: 02V117000 – 2002 Ford Focus


There the main issue was the cruise control cable that could become entangled by the throttle body. That is why, when the accelerator pedal is released the throttle couldn’t return to the closed position.


If the throttle is constantly opened, the driver has no other choice but to depress both clutch and brake pedals to stop the car.


Ford Company issued a recall on April 25, 2002, in order to replace the throttle body on those 500 cars. Owners could ask for information at 1-866-436-7332 or from NHTSA at 1-888-327-4236 (recall number #04V176000).

Ford Focus Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)

2012-2015 Focus – TSB 14-0197-15-0043 / 10057872


The dual-clutch Ford automatic transmission DPS6 was installed in 2012-2015 Ford Focus, which led to a clutch shudder while driving and fluid leaks located near the clutch housing. These troubles may occur because of defect of the input shaft that allowed a fluid to seep.


The only solution is to replace both shaft seals. It is recommended to change a new clutch assembly, however, if it is of a good quality, it can remain after reinstalling and proper cleaning.

2014-2015 Focus – TSB 44852 / 10057815


Some owners faced a light shudder during shifting on the replaced dual clutch assembly on DPS6 transmission because the friction material needs a 1, 000-mile break in period.


If there is still a leak, there is no need in replacing the clutch assembly. In such a way, a mechanic has to run the IDS Service program to reset the clutch travel.

2012-2013 Focus – TSB 32331 / 10053657


It was just a minor piece of advice for some problems: no start, hard start, noises, delayed shifting and numerous error codes.


Before starting the diagnostics it is recommended to check the G-104 ground for reliable ground contact.

What Transmission Does Your Focus Have?

How To Diagnose And Fix

  1.    Pay attention to the OBD codes.
  2.    Keep an eye on the fluid level.
  3.    Test the pressure in the transmission system.
  4.    Drop the pan.
  5.    Repair, replace, rebuild.