Lucas Transmission Fix Review

Lucas Transmission Fix Review

It is not a secret that a transmission repair may cost an arm and a leg, that is why it is better to avoid the problem. So, to maintain the transmission there are many additives, one of them is Lucas Transmission Fix.

If you are an experienced driver you have probably heard about it. They say it can cure transmission slipping, stalling, transmission leaks and hard shifting. Does it work or not, now we will find out…

What is Lucas Transmission Fix

Lucas transmission fix is a thermal stable additive that is designed to solve and prevent the most common troubles in automatic transmissions. It is a cleaning and lubricating fluid that provides proper shifting, eliminates seal leaks and cools the operating temperature. Lucas Transmission Fix can stop hesitation and hard shifting in old o worn transmissions, it also extends the protection of gears. Of course, it won’t repair the transmission, however, it will perform properly.

What does Lucas Transmission Fix do?

Lucas Transmission Fix is produced for automatic transmission. So how this adding can affect the transmission? First of all, this fluid can solve the problem of gear slipping, hard shifting and hesitations while gear engaging. All these are the result of age and worn clutches, transmission bands, and valve bodies.

To make the shifting smooth this additive has special friction modifiers that improve the grip of clutches and plates, it also lubricates the lockup clutch in the converter. Special elements may also remove small particles, sludge or deposits from the transmission valves and gears, that can extremely improve shifting.

Time is the most dangerous enemy for your transmission, after some period of time seals may harden and be not resistant to pressure, as a result, ATF may leak out. Lucas Fix has some special elements which can stop leaking and soften the seal.

How to use Lucas Transmission Fix?

To reach the highest results it is recommended to do the oil change and to remove a filter before using Lucas Fix. The instruction says you can add the fluid without removing old oil, but before you need to check the oil level in order not to overfill the transmission. If you want to refresh the fluid you can drain some oil to make some space for Lucas. The process is described in your manual or on our web-site.

Not to make worse you should drive a car for at least 15 minutes or just run it to make the oil warm up to the required operating temperature. Lucas Transmission Fix is a very thick liquid, it is because of its components, friction modifiers and additives are designed to convert into a fluid after heating.

When you have filled the system with Lucas Fix you should run an engine for a second time for 15-20 minutes in order to spread and blend the fluid. Frankly speaking, that is done rapidly.

Lucas Transmission Fix may be bought in different bottles by its capacity. So before buying make sure you know how much fluid you need. Often, one bottle is enough for an average car, but if your car is in a poor condition, you can buy an additional one.

What is more, if you feel that taking Lucas Transmission Fix was a bad move you can always remove the filter and drain the oil completely together with Lucas Fix. Remember that Lucas Fix is solvents free, so it doesn’t harm your transmission at all.

Some thoughts about Lucas Transmission Fix

Lucas states that this liquid can only reduce the risk of the majority of problems, reduce the symptoms and make your transmission live much longer. The difference can be easily spotted in the older cars which have worn transmission, in such cases, Lucas Fix can provide better gear engagement and even may stop leaking.

The conclusion is simple, Lucas Transmission Fix is a health potion for your transmission, however, it won’t make a miracle. Use Lucas Fix and your car will serve longer and will keep on the road more confidently.