Remanufactured 700R4 Transmission: Specs & Updates

Remanufactured 700R4 Transmission

700R4 is a transmission that perfectly fits Small Block engine machines because of the up-to-date technologies that provide the increased strength, better performance, and good torque capacity. It can provide 450 tq horsepower using only gasoline pump.

The 700R4 has a ratio of 3,06 on the first gear, most transmissions usually have a ratio of 20% higher than 700R4. This transmission also allows having a 30-40% increase in mileage on the plain road if we compare with 3-speed transmissions. That is why it is extremely popular among drivers who want to upgrade their muscle cars and to make them more economical without losing power.

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Vehicle Compatibility – Makes & Models

CAPRICE3.8L / 5.0L1982-1992
CAMARO2.8L / 5.0L1983-1992
S10 PICKUP2.5L / 2.8L1989-1991
S10 BLAZER2.5L / 2.8L1989-1992
GMCJIMMY2.0L / 2.8L1982-1993
SAFARI VAN4.3L1983-1990
S10 / S15 SONOMA2.5L / 2.8L1983-1991
S15 PICKUP2.5L / 2.8L1983-1991

Remanufactured 700R4 Transmission Common Problems

Broken input shaft

On the beginning the 700R4 had a 27 spline shaft, frankly speaking, such type cannot cope with high torque. Soon in 1987 a 30 spline shafts remanufactured transmission became standard and the reliability was improved and the gear box itself became stronger.


Overheating is also a serious problem for 700R4 owners. Due to extreme power and overloading the temperature is rising rapidly, so there is no wonder that the 700R4 suffers from overheating. High temperatures may cause serious troubles to the internal components, so this problem must be eliminated immediately. The solution is quite simple – to install an auxiliary cooler.

3-4 pack clutch failure

Sometimes a slipping between 3rd and 4th gears may occur, that indicates that there is a problem with a clutch system that engages those gears. It may be a consequence of overheating, under the high temperature the metal goes weak and the ends can be sheared off. If you don’t take measures, slipping may turn into a serious trouble.

Warped Valve body

The valve body warping is also a result of the overheating. If there is such problem, the shifting process may become hard and unpredictable. Be ready for expensive service.

Stuck Governor

Contaminants in the remanufactured transmission system may cause serious troubles including damaged gears and delayed shifting as a result. We recommend 700R4 owners to have service regularly.

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Remanufactured 700R4 Transmission Updates and Upgrades

The remanufactured transmission includes all required upgrades, all minor components are replaced with new ones. Every transmission is properly tested on leaks and balance functions after filling the liquid. That is how the manufacturer reduces the chance of wearing and vibrations.

After manufacturing you will get stronger ETE bushings instead of old ones, this will normalize the pressure and the flow control. The valve body is equipped with the correction and calibration pack. Via these kits, the updates are installed to the PR systems, valve body batteries and etc. There are also some remanufactured transmission pump updates with new bushings that give good flow and longer life without leaking.

Each transmission must be carefully examined on the CARS (a road simulator that can test the remanufactured transmission indoors without installing it). This program helps to find out the troubles with the remanufactured transmission and prevent them before leaving the assembly line.

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Remanufactured 700R4 Transmission Warranty

When you buy a transmission be ready to ask for a warranty.

An average good warranty looks like:

  • Licensed repair period for 3 years or 100,000 mileage at any shop you like.
  • Free parts and labor
  • Free shipping after transmission replacement
  • The warranty license that follows your personal VIN code (that allows to save the warranty if you want to sell your car)

Remanufactured transmission repair is a very expensive process and if you are ready to do this, make sure that everything will be on the highest level.

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