Transmission Fluid Change Cost

Transmission Fluid Change Cost Guide

If you drive the car for a long time you have probably faced or will face with limp mode, the set of characteristics with loss of power, limited speed and with only one gear available. And imagine if all this may start on the highway or when you need the perfect performance.

This can be not only time consuming and expensive, but even dangerous. To be sure that anything like that is waiting for you, you should keep an eye on your transmission and get the transmission fluid changed regularly.

If your car needs another approach you may try transmission flushing. Be sure that it is an appropriate way of transmission care. Below you’ll find out what is the cost of transmission fluid change.

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How much does the Transmission Fluid Change Cost?

The cost you can pay for changing the transmission fluid ranges from 80$ to 250$. The average cost for oil changing is approximately 100$ for the automatic and manual transmissions.

It is strongly recommended to get the filter replaced after the fluid changing. Also, it is better to remove a pan every time the fluid is changed. A lot of small particles may be collected both in filters and pan which can lead to the loss of effectiveness of the new fluid.

Before taking such procedure, read the manual or get some information from the dealership. It may happen so that your car doesn’t need filter or pan replacement every time, however, it would make your transmission live longer and perform up to the standards.

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The most average fluid change cost you can find in the next table:

Formula Shell® Conventional oil change$29.99
Signature Service oil change$39.99
Pennzoil®Conventional oil change$44.99
Synthetic Blend oil change$59.99
High Mileage Engine oil change$59.99
Platinum oil change$89.99
Ultra-Platinum oil change$109.99
Full Synthetic oil change$79.99
Transmission Fluid Change | Cost
Range$80 to $250
Mechanic$80 to $150
Dealership$150 to $250
Do it Yourself$40 to $90

As soon as modern cars usually require a specific type of transmission oil like SP4 or ATF the cost may range from $8 to $20 per quart. The most common fluid change requires from 5 up to 7 quarts of fluid (in total cost 50-70$), new filter (cost 20-30$) and probably a new pan gasket.

What may affect the cost?

  • This job can be easily done either by dealership or sole mechanic or service center or by yourself.
  • The make and model of your car (luxurious car owners pay more)
  • Type of transmissions fluid
  • The volume of fluid required
  • The average cost for oil changing

The most common among car owners is to leave their cars for mechanics or service centers. In such a way the fluid change will cost of 100$, depends on the place and kind of service. Some drivers visit the dealership spots. It is usually twice more expensive, so the average cost is about 220$.

DIY (Do-it-yourself) – the option with the lowest cost, because all the service is free. Everything you need is to buy a filter, a gasket and a transmission fluid of course. The process is perfectly described on various web-sites or you can get to know more about it from your manual.

Frankly speaking, it is a very messy process. Some types of transmission can have no draining plugs and you will have to remove a couple pan bolts in order to drain the fluid from the transmission. If you are a lucky one you have to prepare a large pan that could catch the old fluid. That is a great lesson, then, you will realize why so many drivers pay for this process.

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What is a transmission fluid change?

The transmission fluid has the outstanding role in cooling, pressure regulating and friction. If the mileage is growing, the transmission as well as oil may wear, for example, the fluid becomes dirty and thin, it cannot function on the appropriate level at all. If you neglect to change the fluid you may face with overheating and other transmission troubles.

The transmission fluid change is a relatively simple process which you can do by yourself. At the beginning of the fluid change, you need to run your car for 15 minutes in order to warm up the system and the oil. Then the car should be elevated in a way you like the most, but take care of the safety. To start draining you need simply remove the entire pan. While pan is removed you can check whether your car has troubles with transmission or the possibilities of developing ones. After getting all the oil drained you have just to place the filter and a new gasket and re-attach the pan. The final stage is to pour the required volume of fluid into the reservoir.

How often should it be done?

This information about transmission fluid change cost may be found in the manual or from the dealership. As a rule, fluid change procedure should be done every 30,000 to 60,000 miles or just once in two years. The same thing is about the ATF — you should change the fluid must according to the plan regularly to keep the performance on a desirable level. Remember that all this should be done according to the schedule or manual, otherwise such procedures may cause serious troubles.

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